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Business Astrology 101—Part 2


By Barbara Schermer

Principle #2: Using New Moons

Clearly there are auspicious times and perfectly horrible times to start your business. Learning to recognize the two phases of the Moon’s monthly cycle, will give you an advantage when it comes to beginning any new business initiative—a successful launch, marketing campaign or new product introduction as examples.

Simply watch the moon. Approximately every 28 days, the moon moves through two phases—for two weeks it appears to be waxing (growing), then for two weeks it appears to be waning (shrinking). If you pay attention you will find the moon is a reliable indicator of either the growth or the difficulties you encounter in the developments of your professional life or in the life of your company. While the moon is waxing, it is a time of activation, while waning it is a time of retraction.

It will prove best to start your business, or any initiative you need to make to advance your business, just after any New Moon. Imagine as you watch the moon grow, you can see your business grow as well. As the moon wanes take stock of your progress, make adjustments, rest up to take up initiatives again with the next new moon.

The evidence? We know that the moon influences the tides of all of the water on earth. We ourselves are composed of water—85% of our brain, 80% of our blood and 70% of our muscle is water. (Link: Water moves in a wave action. The rhythm of the tides in the oceans is exactly like your breathing. Tide in. Tide out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Your business has a similar cycle whether you recognize it or not.

Successful gardeners and farmers have learned that crops (plants and trees) respond to moon phases. Planetary planting guides first appeared in 1457 in Germany. In the US Benjamin Franklin wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac from 1732-1758 under the pseudonym Richard Saunders. Yes, Benjamin Franklin was an astrologer!

Here is what Ben Franklin learned, and you can too.

Below are the New Moons for 2011 and the best times to launch initiatives:

    •    ·      January 4 (in the sign of Capricorn)
    •    ·      February 3 (in the sign of Aquarius)
    •    ·      March 4 (in the sign of Pisces)
    •    ·      April 3 (in the sign of Aries)
    •    ·      May 3 (in the sign of Taurus)
    •    ·      June 1 (in the sign of Gemini)
    •    ·      July 1 (in the sign of Cancer)
    •    ·      July 30 (in the sign of Leo)
    •    ·      August 29 (in the sign of Virgo)
    •    ·      September 27 (in the sign of Libra)
    •    ·      October 26 (in the sign of Scorpio)
    •    ·      November 25 (in the sign of Sagittarius)
    •    ·      December 24 (in the sign of Capricorn)

Pay attention to these times! Within a few months of observing you will find that your efforts pay off more easily, that you experience less obstacles in your forward momentum and therefore you will learn to use the moon cycles to help you with your strategic planning. Let me know what you discover. In further blog entries I will provide case studies and stories from my current business clients and the kinds of successes they have experienced using the New Moon principle.

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Becoming Mommie: Fertility Astrology 101—Part 2


Guideline #2: If your Sun Sign is a water sign...

or you have three or more planets in water signs in your birth chart, the above dates are especially propitious for you.

The principle applies to those of you born when the Sun is in Pisces (February 19-March 20), Sun in Cancer (June 21-July 22), and Sun in Scorpio (October 24-November 22). If you know your birth chart (where the 10 planets and your rising sign are) and you have three or more planets in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, know that these are especially potent fertility “windows” for you to get pregnant.

Guideline #3: Use the most auspicious day of the month.

I am a Kriya yogini, in a branch of the Kriya Yoga lineage (Yogagnanda’s tradition) that uses astrology as a spiritual tool. Within Kriya Yoga it is known that the most auspicious day of any month is the fifth day after each new moon. This day represents the time of the month when the moon is growing and most robust, ideally the time to “plant a seed.” Also remember that the moon rules conception, fertility, the womb, mothers, babies, and families and their dynamics. For the next three water moon cycles that day would be:

  • ·      July 6, 2011
  • ·      October 31, 2011
  • ·      February 26, 2012

If you are ovulating within three days of those dates, again head for the bedroom. A note here: some men can feel pressure to perform. Don’t force. Rather, invite or even seduce.

Guideline #4: Avoid important decisions or tests during Mercury retrograde times.

The planet, Mercury, rules your mind and your ability to perceive and understand. Mercury goes “retrograde” three times per year for three weeks each time. Try to avoid making any important decisions concerning your fertility efforts at these times. For instance you might end up second-guessing yourself or over time become doubtful of your chosen course of action. Also try to not undergo any critical tests during these times, as sometimes the results can be ambiguous or misinterpreted. You might have to take the tests again.


Mercury retrogrades for 2011 are

  • ·      March 31–April 23, 2011
  • ·      August 3–27, 2011
  • ·      November 24–December 14, 2011

Try this experiment. Write down these dates on a calendar you frequently see, and notice these times. Use these periods for romance, and let me know the results.

These timing techniques are all many couples have needed. If you want a fertility consultation specific to your own chart, with a detailed approach to any particular obstacles you might face, we can do that too. This consultation is via phone (I pay for the call) and is recorded as an MP3 file. I cannot promise a baby as the outcome, but I can promise you pinpoint accurate times in which you are most likely be successful. And, who knows, nine months later we might be doing a session to help you get to know your newborn!

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Business Astrology 101—Part 1

Know Your Auspicious Times

By Barbara Schermer

Apply these simple principles yourself. Consult your astrologer for more complex strategies.

Principle #1: Mercury Retrograde.

Starting your own business? Astrology can make the critical difference between one that starts off with momentum and one that limps along. There are clearly auspicious astrological times and difficult challenging ones. Knowing when to begin gives you your best chance of success.

For instance, you need to know about Mercury retrograde periods. Three times a year for a period of three weeks the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards against the backdrop of the zodiac. In 2011 these times are: March 30–April 23, August 2–August 26 and November 24–December 13.
Especially notice two of these time periods in 2011. March is spring in the Northern Hemisphere and traditionally the time of new beginnings and fresh starts. If you plan to open your business or launch new initiatives in March, do so before March 30.

Also notice that, in August, Mercury is retrograde most of month. This is problematic. August is vacation month in most of the world. Few want to think about business or are even in the office. Rather, people are thinking of the beach, the cottage and the family vacation. So making sales calls, lining up important meetings, or getting matters settled does not happen easily. It is in September that the psychological change takes place – the season changes, kids go back to school, and the routines of "getting down to business" happen. Do not begin critical business initiatives this August.

Succinctly, Mercury is associated with communications (marketing, branding and PR), negotiations, contracts, trading, commerce, products and sales. When Mercury is retrograde there is a much higher chance of wasted efforts, misinterpretations, and very slow forward progress.

For example, in my hometown of Chicago, I notice "Grand Opening" announcements (signs or print advertising) especially for restaurants. Then I pay attention to how long they last. More restaurants that open Under Mercury retrograde, closed within a year. Those that survived likely had capital reserves that allowed them to hold out.

Mercury Retrograde is the first astrological cycle I teach to my business clients. When they pay attention, most learn to see this pattern operating in their lives within two Mercury retrograde cycles. Here are some common examples — marketing campaigns launched then are a waste of money—embarrassing typos in print materials occur, or meetings with the decision-maker are delayed or canceled, or they just say, “No.” Why doom yourself to more hard work or disappointment than necessary.

For more, see my Mercury Retrograde article. There you will find all of the Mercury retrograde periods through 2015. Mark them on your calendar to keep you aware. This is the first astrological principle you should know for giving you the best chance to launch a successful business.

Also, look here for a truly funny Mercury Retrograde story: Read about my friend Pat’s dinner party in Greece, and its hilarious outcome.

Part 2 of Business Astrology 101 will be posted soon. Or read the complete article now.


Becoming Mommie: Fertility Astrology 101—Part 1

By Barbara Schermer

Astrology has been called the "science of cycles." What more important cycle is there than the rhythms of a woman's body, waxing and waning with its opportunities for conceiving new life. And what can astrology contribute when conception or full-term pregnancy proves difficult. Research shows that world wide there are 90 million women and men who experience infertility problems. If you are having difficulty, astrology may help you. Using your birth chart, we find the precise times over the next twelve months that your fertility is at its peak and you are more likely to get pregnant naturally.

If, however, you are already engaged in assisted reproductive procedures (In-Vitro Fertilization, GIFT, ZIFT and other variations), astrology can still be of help. In most cases a doctor will give you a 12 to 36 hour window when a procedure (implantation) should be done. We can work with that to find the most auspicious time within that medical window.

There will be further posts in this “Becoming Mommie” blog track, designed to inform and support you in reaching your goal—a healthy and happy baby!  I will provide several of my case studies—the women who have used these precise times and now have their babies (seven babies and counting).
Here are four simple astrological recommendations to guide you.

Guideline #1: Use the best fertility times.

There are three two-week time periods each year in which you are the most fertile (we are speaking in general but this applies to all women). They are when the New Moons appear in the water signs of Cancer (especially), Scorpio and Pisces. Here are the next three water moon cycles (2011-2012) to take advantage of:

    •    ·      July 1- July 15 (New Moon in Cancer)
    •    ·      October 26-November 10 (New Moon in Scorpio)
    •    ·      February 21, 2012-March 8 2012 (New Moon in Pisces)

Mark your calendar. If you ovulate regularly and are having your ovulation during or very near these time periods, make a date with your partner or try to arrange the timing to be implanted then.

Part 2 of "Fertility 101" will be posted soon. Or read the complete article now.


Welcome to the New Astrology Alive!

Dear Clients and Friends,

Welcome to the New Astrology Alive!


I am excited to be back online after a long hiatus.  The purpose of everything on the site is to give you maximum astrological insight using the minimum amount of your time.

Short and sweet, simple and succinct. Those are my goals.

Astrology Alive is both a blog and a website. I’ll be blogging on the astrology of events in the news, upcoming astronomical and astrological topics, and tips for the use of astrology in everyday life. One ongoing track will be “Becoming Mommie,” on astrology and fertility and for Moms (and Dads too!) looking for insights into their babies and older kids. Another will be “Business Astrology,” with practical information on timing and decision-making for entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals. Some subjects we’ll save for a surprise.

The site includes practical features to view or download like Business Astrology 101, Cosmic Wheel 2011 (New Moon dates and how to use them), Fertility 101, which gives guidelines for your most fertile times (actual, for pregnancy, or metaphorical, for any creative project), a lesson on Midlife Transits for those trying to navigate this time of life, and articles for those new to astrology as well as sophisticated astrologers. Moms can listen to four short audio interviews based on your child’s sun sign in the elements of fire, earth, air or water (useful to help you understand them). Old hands at astrology might want to ponder the meaning of the dwarf planet Sedna.

You can order a variety of astrology reports from our store. I have done extensive research of what other sites offer and feel these are the best (most psychological and practical) reports to be offered online.

You can also schedule a session to talk with me directly via phone. (I pay for the call.) All sessions are recorded as mp3 files, sent to you by email, invoiced on Pay Pal or paid by personal check. Together we will focus precisely on answering your concerns.

Enjoy the site and please do comment. One-way conversations are boring!


Barbara Schermer            773-248-7108

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