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Planters' Moon

Every one of us alive today has survived because ancestors in our past knew how to be successful farmers. They knew first hand the relationship between moon phases and the life cycle on growing plants.

My first memory is of my grand fathers tattered Farmer’s Almanac that hung on a rusty nail in his garden shed. He planted his aboveground plants (lettuce and chard) on the new moon, his beloved dahlias on the crescent moon, roots vegetables (carrots and celeries) on the waning moon, and his melons when the moon was in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

We have one of these fruitful New Moons now, April 21, at 2:18 AM EDT in the earth sign of Taurus.

Use this auspicious two-week time period to focus on your physical life and health. Plant the seeds of new health regimes. What you start now you will have a stronger commitment to continue (strengthen your body, add nutritional support or start that vegetarian lifestyle). Begin new practices such as Tai Chi, Pilates, or weight training.

As the lunar energy is directed now toward the earth plane, this is a fine time to ground your self by gardening—the whole next two-week period excels as a times for planting. Find the “grandfather (oldest) tree on your property or park or forest near by. Hug it (no kidding!). You will feel its stable life force flow to you. Plant a tree in honor of Earth day. As for myself, I have been growing Moringa trees, having given away several dozen one-foot trees and I am planting another hundred during this New Moon phase.

Think of April 21–May 5 as one of the six most fertile two-week time periods of the year. The others? July 1, August 29, October 26, and December 24. Learn to work with the cosmos and not against it (“disaster” literally means “against the stars”). You can learn quickly that moving with the moon phases will always give your life better results.

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