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New Moon in Pisces

Yesterday's New Moon in Pisces (5:35 PM EST) is a very special one. Use this auspicious two-week period to focus on your psychic health. Recommendations: Be intimate and show compassion, be still and listen to what your deep self is saying, process and release the pain of emotional wounds (they do not serve you). Purify through detoxification (hot springs, body scrubs, etc.), pay attention to your dreams—they are possibly prophetic. If you practice mantra, consider a chant to Quan Yin, goddess of compassion, love and mercy: "On Na Mo Quan Shin (like "she-in") pusa ("poo-saw"). Chant it like a lullaby, as if you are comforting a small child. You are, yourself, that child and you deserve the comfort.—Barbara.

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